Space Cannon Exterior Lighting - Wholesale

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Space Cannon Exterior Lighting - Wholesale

Looking to light up the world then this is the external light for you!

The Space Cannon is a large specialist exterior light fitting for buildings, draw attention to a special event, nightclub, hotel, office building, bridge, shopping centre, make your building stand out from the crowd with a Space Cannon exterior light even illuminate a sign from a distance!

Think about those Hollywood movie premiers,Leicester Square Movie Premiers, these space cannons light up the night sky for miles around!

These lights would be great for stage props, shop displays,grand event openings, movie sets and much more, their use is unlimited on or off!

Self Trading have 14 Space Cannon short arc lamp luminaire with built in power supply units, with fixtures that are designer to be used in the worst climatic conditions, equipped with a 1200 watt HSR or MSR Lamp.

The enclosure is made of non corrosive aluminium with outdoor polyester finishing CE certified for use in wet conditions.

Technical Specifications
Power: 1200 Watt
Lamp: HSR 1200w or MSR 1200w
Luminous Flux:110.00 Lumen
Colour Temperature: 6000k
Rated Lamp Life: 2000 Hours
Power Supply: 215-240 Volt
Frequency: 50/60 Hertz
Operating temperature:-30 degrees / +55 Degrees Celsius
Optics/ Quartz reflector: 240 mm diameter
Side Dimensions: A 450mm
C 370mm
Front Dimensions: B 465 mm
D 440mm
Trade Price £1000 per unit. Self Trading selling at a great reduced price!

For further information call 01202 705040 or email

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sky cannon
sky cannon
sky cannon


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