Quality Used Shoes Suitable for Export to Africa

Item Number 6014
Quality Used Shoes Suitable for Export to Africa

If you are looking to buy Used or Secondhand shoes in large quantities you have come to the right place

Our shoes are purchased as pre-owned, surplus, and over stocked name brand surplus:

New or Used shoes from many sources within the UK

Every pair of shoes is hand inspected for quality, wear, and paired in our warehouses

Available in a standard mix or selected Mix which are all paired and high quality.

All mixes of shoes are controlled to make sure a consistent mix is received in all shipments.

Our shoes are sold at wholesale prices and in large quantities only.

We welcome buyers to visit the facilities and inspect goods prior to sale.

For More Details
Call UK +44 (0) 7977 005 771
or EMAIL: anton.klein@packsafe.com