Most Renowned UK Trading Website Available for Sale

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Most Renowned UK Trading Website Available for Sale

Most Renowned UK Trading Website Available for Sale

A unique opportunity to purchase two of the most renowned stock trading websites in the UK. These websites are well established with aged domains, spanning as far back as 14 years.

• The websites combined gain over 10,000 unique visitors per month
• More than 15 deals and stock parcels offered directly to these sites from the source
• Products placed on the Self Trading website will rank on the front page of Google within a few weeks.
• The Self Trading website generates income from Adsense paid monthly
• Self Trading also generates income from advertising other peoples clearance parcels
• Massive database of genuine buyers and much more....

So if you are out there looking to start serious stock trading, in bankrupt, surplus or clearance lines, and you need a lead source this is the perfect opportunity!

If you are already trading clearance stock and would like to give your business a massive boost and generate more buying leads and sales enquiries then this could be for you!

Buy and for one great value price.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we do not expect these websites to be on the market long. Call us now if you are interested;

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The Self Trading website generates both leads from prospective sellers of clearance stock, and buyers of clearance stock.

Included in the sale is an additional buying lead generating website. Self Global, which is targeted to sellers of clearance and bankrupt stock and ranks well in this industry, generating daily leads by email and telephone.

The Self Trading and Self Global websites offer great versatility to its owner due to the way that they have been developed.

Whatever industry you are in and whatever product you decide to advertise / sell on the Self Trading website you will be able to achieve front page high ranking positions on the major search engines, guaranteed. There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of the Self Trading website, which add value to the use of the website these are, to name but a few:

1) Self Trading is an established website that has an Alexa rank of 830,050 in the world and to date has achieved the position of 116,109 in the UK.

2) Self Trading website is visited by over 130,000 unique visitors annually with great potential to increase this amount.

3) Self Trading website receives more than 10,000 visitors on a monthly basis.

4) The Self Trading website appears at the top of many major search engines due to the correct placement and usage of KEYWORDS, any serious online business will know that the correct keywords and use of these words and the on-page optimization, means more visitors and therefore more sales. Selected keywords such as clearance, stock clearance, bankrupt stock, excess stock etc. mean that the Self Trading website appears at the top of many major search engines for these types of searches.

5) Self Trading are offered approximately 14-20 parcels and consignments direct from the original source, for sale per day via enquiries solely from the websites and, these website also operate day and night, allowing visitors to upload details of the parcels to clear straight to the email inbox of the website administrators.

6) The Self Trading website also generates a passive income 24/7 from Google Adsense advertising. There is great potential to increase this passive income by increasing the promotion of the website and creating new and fresh content.

7) The Self Trading website could easily be run as a media. Charging people for advertising on the website rather than just purchasing the stock offered. The administrator can then cherry pick the parcels they wish to buy before they are advertised on the site!

We are able to offer any prospective buyer of this website official independent statistics to prove page ranking, visitors and much more. For any business this website offers the opportunity to potentially make large amounts of money on an annual basis!

The Self Trading website receives exposure to the whole world. When new products are added on to the site, with correct key wording and ad copy they can appear at the top of major search engine results for selected search terms within days if not hours of the product being added!

Self Trading website also incorporates a user database, of existing, new and potential customers. Which new visitors to the site are encouraged to sign up to on each new visit. The potential value of this database to a clearance or trading company is phenomenal and should not be under estimated.

To build and create an established website such as Self Trading would cost well in excess of £250,000. Even then you will still not receive the benefit of an aged domain and established back links form top UK media. All of which aids domain authority and page rankings, along with trust from search engines. The Self Trading website has now been a registered domain for over 13 years!

The Self Trading and Self Global websites receive offers to clear stock on nearly an hourly basis with offers of anything from Homewares, Electrical Items, Toys Games, to Cargo Ships, containers, jumbo jets and much more!

For anybody that feels this is an opportunity that they would like to take further then please contact, Mr Daryl Self, directly. He will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide background data in regards to statistics.

For the purchaser of the Self Trading website be assured that the transition will be completed smoothly and efficiently and our IT team with be able to offer 6 months advice and basic support from completion and an initial 1 day remote training in usage of the website. The new owner will be required to host the website, but details of hosting requirements and assistance moving the website will be offered by the IT team.

The Self Trading and Self Global websites are for sale as a package for £25,000 (plus VAT), and they are for sale due to the fact that Mr Self is concentrating on other business interests.

The new owner will receive FULL ownership of both websites and domains including;
Ownership of the domains and
All data (images, databases and files) that constitute both websites
Access to emails (hosted by Google), analytics data, and
1 day remote training in using the website and 6 months basic support.

For More Details;
Call Daryl on 01202 70 50 40
or email: