Festive Season Large and Small Light Up Reindeer

Item Number 7306
Festive Season Large and Small Light Up Reindeer

Self trading has a package of 140 large and 40 small light up festive Reindeer's. The large Reindeer has a length of 110cm and the small Reindeer a length of 82cm. They are a big sell during the festive season also with some sales possible all year round regardless. Box's contain instructions and pegs for outside use.

They are perfectly suited for Ebay Sellers, Amazon Sellers, market traders and car boot sellers. With the festive season on our door step now is the perfect time to buy into this product.

We are looking for £17 a unit for the large Reindeer and £10 a unit for the Small Reindeer.


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or email: stock@selftrading.co.uk