Clothes Suitable for Charities and Aid Organisations

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Clothes Suitable for Charities and Aid Organisations

Clothes Suitable for Charities and Aid Organisations

Available immediately is 10 million pounds worth of children's clothing that is ideal for charity or aid agency as emergency clothing stock.


The children's clothing available is so vast that it contains a wide selection of clothing suitable for export to any country regardless of weather climate and season. There is warm winter clothing such as jackets, jumpers, long sleeve tops and trousers. There are even hats and waterproof clothing for wet weather. For the summer season there are a number of suitable lines including sun hats, shorts and t-shirts. But importantly there are also basic necessities such as under wear (pants, vests etc).


The stock can be viewed in London, in an easily accessible warehouse. All the clearance child's clothing can be purchased at knock down bottom clearance prices, which makes it very suitable for charities and aid organisations to send abroad where it is needed. Offers accepted on all stock.

The children's clothing stock has already been sold and exported abroad, but much more is available at less than the cost to manufacture and is sold in bulk. Due to the price per unit of much of the clearance clothing lines the clothing may also be suitable as disposable or temporary clothing where washing facilities may not be available where the clothing finally ends up. Charities are invited to make contact and view the stock prior to purchase, selecting the lines and items that are most suitable for their needs.


Charitable donations go much further when purchasing heavily discounted clothing, sold below the cost of manufacturing.

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